2020 General Counsel Compensation Report

Last updated on August 10, 2020

Now that I’ve got your attention, lets bring things down a little with the following qualifications: 1) this is essentially US data, and 2) the data is taken from an analysis of Fortune 1000 companies’ 2019 Securities and Exchange Commission filings and compilation of their top lawyers’ compensation data.

Check out this Law.com article for a fantastic overview of the report’s findings.

If you’re curious to know who topped the list as the highest-paid chief lawyer in the U.S. corporate market and don’t want to read the article, the answer is Alan Braverman, The Walt Disney Co. GC and Senior Executive Vice-President. Braverman earned $6,340,000 nonequity incentive compensation, which was in addition to a $1,660,061 salary. He also received more than $3 million in stock awards and $2 million in option awards.