Canadian privacy law reform is coming – are you ready?

Last updated on September 23, 2020

BLG published a fantastic piece on the impending changes to privacy law both at the federal and provincial levels. The article explains the how and why we can know that change is coming, what the new laws will likely resemble and sets out six steps that organizations without developed privacy management programs should be doing now. No Magic 8 Ball stuff here.

“What will change – radically even – is enforcement. Both new and old rules are likely to be enforced by new and strict enforcement regimes – regimes that include mandatory breach notification, order-making powers and the possibility of large penalties for non-compliance. Governments will create these new enforcement mechanisms to motivate organizations to take a new and more serious approach to privacy protection. This move towards strong privacy enforcement is very predictable, and is the most compelling reason to plan for change today.”

Go here to read the full article from BLG.