It’s now canon that 2020 is the emotional equivalent of running an ultramarathon – uphill the whole way – in the rain – with a rock stuck in your shoe.

The New York Times has a short piece about five different techniques (paywall) you can use to temporarily reset or recalibrate your stress. These are quick practices of around 5 minutes or less aimed at lowering the intensity of stress and overwhelming emotions. The logic goes that if you’re at your limit, bring your self to a lower state of stress and anxiety allows you to recalibrate and then better deal with what is in front of you.

The five techniques are:

  1. Listening to serene sounds or music that uplifts you
  2. Place your face in ice-cold water
  3. Slow breathing
  4. Anchoring
  5. Simulated hyperventilating

I have to admit that numbers 2 and 5 are quite unorthodox. I would give #2 a try, but I don’t think #5 is for me. Check out the article to learn more about each of the techniques. Remember that these are temporary suggestions are meant for temporary assistance and do not replace the investment that one should make in themselves to put in the work to manage their mental and emotional health.