French language requirements in Québec for commercial publications, including websites and social media

Smart & Biggar recently published this handy brief with a quick and dirty overview of French language requirements in Québec with respect to commercial publications, which includes web and social media content.

The general rule under the French Charter is that all “commercial publications” must be in French1. Commercial publications include catalogues, brochures, flyers, commercial directories and any similar publications, as well as contracts, invoices, websites and social media2. Another language may also be used alongside French, as long as the other language is not given greater prominence than the French language.

The brief goes on to cover the various nuances and exceptions to the general rule cited above.

This publication is the third in the Firm’s on-going series on Québec’s French language requirements. Part 1 (the origin story?), which provides a general introduction, is available here. Click here for part 2 (the sequel?), which addresses inscriptions on products and accompanying documentation.