How Not to do Email

I attended a virtual meetup/webinar on emails called “Write Work Emails That Get a Response“. One of the great moments in this session was when attendees were invited to unload and share their email pet peeves.

One pet peeve that caught my eye, which I am certainly guilty of, is using the word “just”. As in “just checking in…”. This was a glass-shattering moment (shout out to How I Met Your Mother fans), as that word was previously innocuous to me, but now…but now, it’s going to grind my gears each time I see it.

A potential fix, at least for my personal emails as I use Outlook for work, is a Gmail plug-in mentioned by the webinar’s presenter. Just Not Sorry, is a plug-in/Chrome extension that warns you when you use words that undermine your message. Words and phrases like “just” or “sorry to bother you”. The net effect is that your emails will be more confident and strike a better tone.

Want to read more on how not to do email? Here’s some recommended reading on email pet peeves and email do’s and don’ts:

Do you have any email pet peeves or worst offender stories? Let me know in the comments below 🙂