In-house counsel should prepare for corporate misconduct amid pandemic

I came across an interesting summary in Canadian Lawyer Magazine on a recently published report from Torys LLP on how the unique pressure due to economic and workplace upheaval resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic can, and likely will, lead to corporate misconduct. As such, in-house counsel is advised to take proactive, focused and remedial internal review and investigation at the first sign of questionable behavior in order to mitigate and neutralize the effects of misconduct.

The report itself advises that:

“Companies should remain prepared to take steps to manage the risks posed by the pandemic and business disruptions. These steps include a) tools to enhance identification of liability-inducing conduct; b) reviewing, assessing, and if warranted, investigating properly; and c) remediating and mitigating.

Read the full Torys’s report on reducing exposure associated with pandemic-related corporate misconduct here .