LEGO’s Art Director Lost His Sight, but has reinvented the way he creates

We were moved by this profile of Morten Bonde, who is a Senior Art Director with Lego. Bonde has has an eye condition that is slowly making him go blind. In 2016, his vision was so severely reduced that his life couldn’t continue as before. But when everything was at its bleakest, he experienced a sudden clarity for how to regain zest for life and emerge from the darkness stronger than ever before. He succeeded in returning from hopelessness to regaining a positive view of life and reinvent the way in which he creates.

This month, Bonde shares his life story in his autobiography, Sentenced to Blindness. Now What? , which we at In-House & Home have put on the top our personal reading lists. The book is available on Amazon as an audiobook, e-book and paper book. In the book, Bonde provides tools and tangible suggestions for how to cope with life crises and challenges.

You may hear Morten Bonde read a chapter from Sentenced to Blindness. Now What? here.

Photo credit: Morten Bonde.