We here at Legal Adjacency, which produces In-house & Home, love music. Marty Finestone, our principal, often has music on while he works. Marty has hundreds of vinyl records in his collection, and he loves making playlists (if he could send you a mixtape, he would). Oh, he’s even been a radio DJ!

Marty has put together some killer playlists for the In-house & Home audience.

All playlists are available on Spotify. You can get a free Spotify account here if you need one.

Legal Adjacency Playlists:

  • After Coffee Playlist – you’ve had that cup of coffee, or almost all of it, now it’s time for this playlist to get you the rest of the way. (added 09.13.20)
  • Work Beats Playlist – a mix of low-fi, chill and deep house music. Let this vibe be the catalyst for your creative or deep thinking. 4 out of 5 dentists agree that this playlist will eliminate tarter and boost your productivity by 900%. (added 09/12/20)
  • Contracts Playlist – a whimsical playlist that only has songs with the word “contract” in the title. It’s more fun than you would think! (added 09/12/20)
  • Music for the Plants Playlist– mellow vibes for plants, planters and plateaus. (added 09/12/20)
  • Box of Doughnuts Playlist – this playlist has all of the colour, sprinkles, sugar and gooeyness of a box of doughnuts, but in musical form. (added 09/12/20)
  • Good Luck at Work Playlist – is it possible for a playlist to bring you good luck? We don’t know either. But, if it is, then this would be that playlist. (added 09/12/20)
  • I’m on a Yacht! Playlist – a splendid collection of yacht rock and other smooth-sailing soft rock from the late ’70s and early ’80s. (added 09/10/20)
  • Women on the Mic Playlist – a collection of up-tempo songs with female singers. (added 08/24/20)
  • Feel Good Playlist – A mix of feel-good indie, alternative and classic rock, with a few dashes of funk, soul and pop mixed in for good measure. (added 08/24/20)

Make sure to follow Legal Adjacency’s Spotify account to keep up with what Marty’s up to on Spotify.