Ontario limitation periods and procedural time periods resume September 14, 2020

Heads up, the suspension of Ontario legislative limitation periods were revoked on August 15. Those previously suspended limitations periods will now start to run again on September 14, with the same time to meet deadlines as there had been on March 16, 2020.

In terms of procedural deadlines for courts and tribunals, LawPro noted in its practice alert that:

[t]he provincial suspension of procedural deadlines under the Emergency Order was subject to the direction of courts, tribunals and other decision-makers responsible for proceedings. Courts and tribunals have been regularly updating the profession and the public regarding deadlines and significant changes in processes (such as new e-filing protocols). Lawyers should not assume that court or tribunal procedures were suspended, and should review court and tribunal notices for guidance. Procedural deadlines that were suspended resume September 14, 2020.