Pandemic is driving high demand for employment law advice

Last updated on September 21, 2020

While this probably does not come as a shock to most readers, The Globe and Mail has an article (paywall) on how employment lawyers at firms have been extremely busy since March’s COVID-19’s lockdown and restrictions. Of note is that Hicks Morely, and likely other firms, are predicting a busy fall for their employment law groups.

Now, the peak of chaos and uncertainty has passed, but long-time employment law partner Craig Rix says the fall will be just as busy: Some clients are looking for advice on the occupational health and safety implications of making permanent shifts to a work-from-home model while others, under more distress, are weighing restructuring or insolvency proceedings and must consider the labour law impact.

“We are projecting lawyer billable hours to increase substantially this fall,” says Mr. Rix, who was tapped last week to take over as managing partner at Toronto-based Hicks Morley, one of Canada’s largest management-side employment and labour law firms with more than 120 lawyers in five offices across Ontario.

Go here for the full article (paywall).