Protecting IP Assets In A Remote Work World

Having everyone, or mostly everyone, back in the office is just not in the cards for many organizations. The near, and perhaps long-term future, for the workforce is going to include employees working from home, skeletal onsite staff, and employees practicing social distancing at work. All of this raises significant concerns around protecting IP assets of the company while managing a remote workforce.

With employees regularly accessing, sharing, creating, or maintaining confidential information remotely, there are significant increases in the chances of employee or third-party IP theft.

Here is a roundup of some fantastic articles and advice that I have come across:

  • Roshni Ghosh, Ph.D, with Fox Rothschild, authored this article which offers insightful guidance on how employers can, and should, take a multi-pronged approach in protecting IP assets.
  • A list of measures, including IT-focused ones, from Orrick’s trade secret group.
  • This article from BLG on protecting confidential information in a remote work environment.
  • Jones Day has a really good article that highlights the various risks that remote work poses to IP and confidential information.
  • 10 questions companies need to address in a work-from-home environment from Winston & Strawn.