The Future of Privacy Laws in Canada Webinar (free CPD)

Last updated on September 24, 2020

Aird & Berlis is speaking our language with a webinar that they are running on September 30th from 3 – 4 pm ET on The Future of Privacy Laws in Canada. Not only will this free webinar cover the hot topics listed below, but it counts for 1 hour of substantive CPD. Nice!

Hot topics include:

  • New privacy guidance on the Internet of Things for manufacturers and Canadians
  • Bill 64 – Proposed changes to Quebec’s privacy laws
    • Plain language seeking of specific consent “separate from any other information provided”
    • Clear service provider exemption (contrary to attitude at
    • Commercial transaction exemption (similar to PIPEDA)
  • CRTC expands role in imposing significant financial penalties
  • Required consent (express, separate express or implied) and transborder data
  • Ontario IPC public consultation paper on “Reforming Privacy in Ontario’s Private Sector”

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