Top Mistakes Made by New In-house Counsel

We came across this blog article by recruitment firm BakerGilmore addressing the top 14 mistakes made by new in-house counsel as witnessed by GG’s. The article was put together by the firm’s managing partner based on conversations that he has had with numerous GC’s on the subject.

So, what is the biggest mistake on this 14 item shopping list? New in-house lawyers not fully understanding what they have signed up for.

Thinking they are trading hard work for a balanced lifestyle, thinking that they don’t have to worry about conflicting client expectations just because now their clients are all under one roof, and thinking their role is “claims preventer” rather than “business enabler.” Most in-house counsel roles are more complicated than being a partner at a large law firm because of the complexity of large publicly traded companies.

Read the full article at BakerGilmore.