COVID-19 Has Changed Law Firm Operations and Management Dramatically – What Happens Now?

Last updated on August 24, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed unprecedented change in law firm management
and operations. Within weeks, days, or sometimes just hours, law firm employees were
forced to shift from their office locations to a fully work from home (WFH) setting. No
one could have predicted such a phenomenon, but the transformation to virtual work
was both rapid and complete. The question is, what happens next?

A recent Association of Legal Administrators poll shows that many law firms see the radical changes in management and operations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic as more than temporary. Poll respondents were ALA members working within the legal support function of U.S. law firms. 

Key poll findings include:

  • Working from home will be permanent
  • Changes to back-office support structures will accelerate
  • COVID-19 has made legal staff more willing to change their working practices
  • Visibility of workflow and task delegation is a significant challenge
  • Returning to work requires separate plans for each office
  • IT services will continue to be heavily utilized

Insights and recommendations for each key finding are available here.

(via Library Boy)